Gods and Goddesses: Question and Answer Session

Question Answer Time With Charles!


ok, i read one article about a conversation between someone and Odin. there, he mentioned about his kinsmen would have different method, path, or belief from followers of other deities/pantheons. analogized witj oak tree and other kinds of tree.

thus, the question is: can someone work with and be devoted to different deities from different pantheons? this is considering that someone may have lineage to different countries, so that his/her ancestry is linked with the norsr and the indian for example. can he be a kinsman of both Odin and Shiva, in that example?

if yes, how would that work? and will the deities be alright with the arrangement?

if no, can he/she choose the patron, or is it already chosen by destiny etc?


Absolutely, especially as it concerns The Norse. The Norse were a very integrating society in terms of Gods and Goddesses and picked up the vast majority of their pantheon from other pantheons and traditions. Likewise most pantheons can and do interact favorably with each other in a given situation. That said there is almost always some kind of Hierarchy for the person involved and in that a degree of favoritism that runs both ways. For example I have some strong connections with Angelic energies, but I am about as far from being Christian as you can get. I can call upon Angels readily, but not the Judaeo Christian, Islamic, Jewish, or other such “God” in any given circumstance. Part of this resides more in the person than in the Gods but in many instances a person sits at a certain “wave length” or type of energy that works well with difference things, and less well with others.

The issue arises for those Gods and Goddesses that require absolute and sole devotion. In such situations they tend to be angry and cause some kinds of issues when one is pantheistic.

Ultimately one can have many Gods from many pantheons, as well as work with beings from across the spectrum without issue. Recognize though that you will show favoritism. I have a tattoo of Mjolnir on my right arm but I have nothing of the angels or Aries despite some connections to both. As I resonate more strongly with Thor and put my focus on that God so too will that God put his focus and favor upon me. Further if there is any question as to who has the “authority” to intervene on my behalf or work within my life it defaults to the God or Goddess I put my primary focus too.

Generally speaking most people have one or two primary Gods, then a hand full of secondary Gods, and then an observance of other Gods and beings in polytheism. Consequently those Gods and Goddesses are ones that person identifies with. This then becomes a kind of “choosing” that goes both ways. For example Thor chooses me, but in characteristics and mannerisms I am already much like Thor and as such I choose him. Mind you I have always been more aligned to those energies, so the question is not “did Thor choose me or did I choose Thor” but rather “did Thor choose me, or is it I simply resonate in the same energy as Thor?” The answer to that is grander than understanding because it gets into the idea of fate and the Wyrd or the lay of time, sp