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Cleansing/Purification Primer

August 6, 2016

Cleansing the Home: A General Outline of Cleansing, Saging, and Various Methods




Environmental cleansing and personal cleansing, known as simply cleansing in this article, is the act of altering the are around you through ritual, focus, or raw acts of energy work. Cleansing an area can be as simple as setting intent and sprinkling some salt on the windows, doors, and entry ways or as complex as a full out Lesser Banishing Ritual. While every method of cleansing will NOT be covered in this article as there are far to many to cover some basics will be gone over.


Before we begin cleansing though lets talk about energy and what is or is not happening with the cleansing action. Many expect cleansing to remove long term negative energies from people, stress, or other factors and while the energies themselves will be removed the source of stress, energy, or problems may still persist. No amount of cleansing can make a hostile home peaceful fully. Nor can a full act of cleansing make right all evils done. Still cleansing is a powerful action to alter the energetic world around us. Cleansing is the first thing psychics, mystics, and those in the metaphysical arts suggests when the metaphysics fails to alter a situation or an issue is happening regarding spirituality or emotional stability. This concept of cleansing energy is one of our oldest understandings of mysticism.


With a good understanding of what cleansing will not do it is important to go over the finer points of what cleansing does. The first thing cleansing generally does is move stagnant energies in the area. Energy should be in a constant state of flow as cessation of that flow is dangerous. The second thing cleansing tends to do is remove blockages, over time, that arise due to various reasons. The key point here is that these blockages are removed over time. Blockages take time to remove and a trained professional may aid in the removal of these faster and more efficiently. Still with persistence and diligence one can easily correct the flow of their own energy and energy around them. The other main thing that cleansing tends to do is encourage fresh energy flow. The act of cleansing is not just the removal of old energies but the increasing of positive energies through the environment. Through the increasing of positive energy flow cleansing serves dual purposes in how it impacts the world around us.


Sympathetic, Focus, or Ceremonial Methods:


The first method of cleansing we will focus on are the most popular methods to use in cleansing and these are sympathetic methods. Sympathetic methods employ the use of herbs, incenses, or simple tools. The concept of sympathetic methodology in mysticism is the act of taking on or using the qualities of a thing to instill its mystical properties. This is where the concept of sageing comes from. The idea here is that objects inherently have some properties we associate with them just by the nature of what they are. In the sympathetic method the choice of tools is one of the most important and this includes smudging, sageing, salting, use of blessed water, and to a lesser degree the use of holy objects or symbols. Sympathetic methods often make some use of focusing methods but are mentioned first as they are the most common method available.


Focus based cleansing is the force of will to alter an environment. We won't go into much detail here but the ultimate is that faith in the self, faith in the universal power within the self, and the honing of focus allows one to cleanse through force of will. In focusing one sets their intent, often with a simple phrase such as “I am cleansing the environment” and possibly a hand gesture. This is the least tool intensive method but requires years of building focus and concentration through meditation and focusing exercises.


Ceremonial methods such as the Lesser Banishing Pentagram Ritual often use less tools, some focus based exercises, and a lot more time to accomplish the act of cleansing. Still these methods rely on focus over time and tools to aid that focus as well as using some of the sympathetic properties of materials in their actions. Often incenses are burned during the ritual, beings are invoked or evoked depending on the needs, and a focus on the feeling and visualization of energies made a part of the exercise. Ceremonial methods were covered in this last, despite being the second most common method, because they make use of parts from the previous two methodologies. The ceremonial method is perhaps the easiest method to gather materials for and complete training in.


Example Cleansing Methods:


Smoke Cleansing:


Smoke cleansing as in sageing is the most well known and, thanks to the new age craze, most often used methods of cleansing so we will mention it here as our first example method. Note that many often replace the sage with incense of which the cleansing or purification variety may be the most superior of these for this purpose. Still with sufficient focus pipe smoke, though we do not recommend smoking, might even achieve the results of a good sageing. Still even with that noted smoke cleansing is an easy and effective process be it with sage or any other combination of beneficial herbs.



Step Zero: Practice Fire Safety


You have not yet light that incense, charcoal, sage stick, or other scented smoke delivery method. Don't do so yet though. Double check that what you are about to do in the delivery of this smoke is safe. Open windows, be prepared to ventilate the home. If you are allergic to smoke consider another method. Once you are sure you are safe proceed to Step One.


Step One: Set Your Intent:

Before you light that stick of incense, sage stick, or other method of delivering scented smokes to the room set your intent. Take a moment mentally or out loud to say “I am now going to perform a cleansing.” Make this a special moment, not something you just are doing because you read how to do this here. Take a minute to really sit down and think about what cleansing means to you. Recognize your own power, and prepare to do something beyond your mundane. That moment you decide an action will NOT be mundane is the moment that shifts much of who you are and what you are doing.


Step Two: Light the Material:


In lightning the material take a moment of contemplation on the nature of the flame. Flame can be a cleansing element and the act of using smoke is a combination of fire and air to cleanse a home. This is a mental acknowledgment not just in the incense, sage, or other material but also in the elemental. This connects you to a primal understanding of the energies of fire and air in play. Keeping the concept of the flame sacred as you apply the fire to the material will help with the process.


Step Three: Spreading the Smoke:


Begin by blowing lightly in the case of sage on the bundle to accelerate the smoke. In the case of incense