Universal Shamanic Empowerments

Universal Shamanic Empowerments


Shamanism is a willful manipulation of the illusion that is this world for the purpose of bringing about a desired result on behalf of either the Shaman or others who the Shaman serves. Much of this is possible due to the wisdom the Shaman has gained concerning the spirit world, and an understanding and application of Universal Spiritual Law. Anyone who is unfamiliar with Universal Spiritual Law is encouraged to contact us, and we will gladly share it with you. Apply it to your life, and teach it to others, and great things will happen for you.


This course gives some basic instructions concerning Shamanism in volume 1, more in-depth information in volume 2, and advanced empowerment in volume 3. There is less instruction here and more experience as well as attunement to various energies used in shamanic endeavors. With exposure to these energies, and some understanding of what they are about, then you will be able to get started learning the shamanic way of things. But, this will not turn you into a Shaman.


No matter how many attunements you have or books you read you will not truly be a Shaman until you have earned the right to be called one, and that is best done with a human form teacher. At the time of this writing I currently have openings for five Apprentices and I may be willing to take you on as a student or a formal Apprentice if you do well with this course. Of course, you can always just call yourself a Shaman, but that is likely to end badly. 


If you are going to do this work right then do the attunements to give yourself a good start, and find yourself a human form teacher to help guide and train you, and to keep you from making some bad mistakes. Then, when you have earned the right to be called a shaman your teacher will declare it to be so, or someone else will with the approval of your teacher. Earn it the right way. You will be glad that you did. Information on the attunements in this course is below.


These can be purchased in separate sets of three, or as a single package for a savings of $100. However, to get this savings, the total cost must be paid at once; else this defeats the purpose of the package.

What level of initiation will you be taking?
  • The Attunements

    Basic Shamanic Practices – Section 1

    1.   The Earth Keeper Initiation

    2.   The Original Mind Attunement

    3.   The Earth Mother Attunement

    4.   Find your Guardian Animal

    5.   Find your Upper Realm Teacher

    6.   Spirit of the East Attunement

    7.   Spirit of the South Attunement

    8.   Spirit of the West Attunement

    9.   Spirit of the North Attunement

    10.        Spirits Above Attunement

    11.        Spirits Below Attunement

    12.        Spirit Within Attunement

    13.        Spirit of the Earth Attunement

    14.        Spirit of Air Attunement

    15.        Spirit of Fire Attunement

    16.        Spirit of Water Attunement

    17.        Spirit of Ether Attunement

    18.        Stone People Attunement

    19.        Plant People Attunement

    20.        Animal People Attunement

    Intermediate Shamanic Practices – Section 2 (Prerequisite- Section 1)

    21.        Shamanic Divination Empowerment

    22.        Shamanic Wisdom Empowerment

    23.        Past Lives Empowerment

    24.        Weather Magic Empowerment

    25.        Psychic Empowerment

    26.        Spiritual Power Empowerment

    27.        Charisma Empowerment

    28.        Authority Empowerment

    29.        Tabaku Empowerment

    30.        Spiritual Cleansing Empowerment

    31.        Spiritual Healing Empowerment

    32.        Energy of the Sun Empowerment

    33.        Energy of the Moon Empowerment

    34.        Energy of the Stars Empowerment

    35.        The Dragon Empowerment

    36.        The Naga Empowerment

    37.        The Devic Empowerment

    38.        The Shadows Empowerment

    39.        The Light Empowerment

    40.        The Shamanic Way Empowerment

    Advanced Shamanic Practices – Section 3 (Prerequisite- Section 2)

    41.        The Pathfinder (Wolf) Initiation

    42.        The Hawk Initiation

    43.        The Badger Initiation

    44.        The Owl Initiation

    45.        The Fox Initiation

    46.        The Raccoon Initiation

    47.        The Coyote Initiation

    48.        The Rattle Snake Initiation

    49.        The Ghost World Initiation

    50.        The Red Hand Initiation

    51.        The Light-Bearers Initiation

    52.        The Odiyya Initiation


    This is easily the most comprehensive shamanic attunement and initiation course that you will ever likely find online. And, whether you actually go on to become a full fledged Shaman it will be a powerful and life-changing experience for you. 


    As with all of our courses, the attunements will be set up for you, and the manuals for each section that you purchase will be sent to you by email. You will also receive three years of support, as well as any supplemental courses the Goddess leads us to share.

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