Tridaya Inner Power

There are three levels to Tridaya Inner Power, and all of them involve breath-work, meditations, and various exercises that ramp up your phyisical psychic and spiritual energy. The first level is simply called Inner Power, and the detailed manual for this level cover such subjects as The Mystery of Inner Power, The Law of Cause and Effect, Arousing Inner Power, Benefits of Inner Power Exercise, Inner Power Breathing Exercise, Inner power for Self-Defense, and four Inner Power tests that will blow your mind!
The second level is called Spiritual Power and covers such subjects as Spiritual Power, Traditional Exercise, Ngelmu (Learning how to overcome self-defeating emotions), Mamayu Hayuning Bawono (Doing right things for the sake of the world), Proof of Spiritual Power, Hidden Power (How to access it), Understanding Spiritual Power, Building Spiritual Power, The Application of Spiritual Power, and God's Power.
The third level is called Vibrotic Power and covers such subjects as The Nature of Energy, Everything is Vibrating, Resonance, Polarity, The Body Electric, Vibrotic Power, Vibrotic Power Exercises, Amazing Tests of your Power, Protection, Health, Prosperity Energy and Tuning into a Prosperity Energy.
Each level has it's own attunement, and a detailed manual covering every aspect of each level of training. You can purchase each level individually, or the complete package at a discount of $75, which is essentially getting the third level free of charge.
Which Level of Initiation will you be taking?

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