The Wizard Mala

The Wizard's Mala is the tool I wish I'd had when I began my path. Contained within this item are the basic forces of magick. Having it enhances all works of magick it is used in, and enhances all relics and rituals in its area. These following abilities are built into the standard level Wizard Mala:

1. Standard Intelligence Design:

~Anti Theft and Thief Deterrent- deters potential thieves and will not allow itself to be stolen.

~Acknowledges Proper Ownership- Intelligence knows who it is made for, and acknowledges if it has been properly given to another.  

~Ancestral regency- intelligence keeps track of all previous owners.  Only the current rightful owner has the ability to connect to it without physical touch.  Previous owners can use the tool only if there is physical contact and tool can’t be used in any manner against current rightful owner.

~Bridging Enchantment- can activate abilities at a long range via picture or altar

~Power Sharing Enchantment- at users discretion, enchantments may be temporarily conferred on another 

~Inheritance Charm- intelligence recognises users death and immediately confers ownership to named successor, or if no successor, then a person whom the intelligence deem worthy.

~Individual Activation Ability- intelligence can activate and deactivate individual abilities or overall abilities at discretion of user

~Akashic Link- Intelligence may research Akashic records to learn skills/abilities it needs to better function in its environment

~Reactive Shield- intelligence is capable of activating reactive protection to user from surprise attacks

~Telepathic Resistance- intelligence wields telepathic abilities to prevent and counterattack telepathic attacks and attempts to harm intelligence or user

~Loyalty- Intelligence will not for any reason betray user in any way

2. Base Building Block Energies:

~9 Chakras(7 Chakras plus Earth Star and Soul Star)

~10 Planetary forces

~12 Zodiac Energies

~5 Elements

~4 Seasons

~2 Dualities: Dark and Light, Life and Death

3. Subroutine execution ability - Mala is able to activate, run, suspend, terminate user defined subroutine functions.

4. Subroutine functions can be active or passive in terms of their programmed magickal function or purpose.

5. Abilities/skills learned can be made to run like a subroutine.  Program, run, forget.

6. Ability/Skill Acquisition - learns by observation or through experience of effects by magick manifested by any tool or by any magick user.  Mala has database that grows as needed to store ability/skill information.

7. Inner realm for user, spirits to be able to dwell and communicate easily(database for learned skill/ability is maintained separately).  Additional enchantments that are spirit based are store in this inner realm as well.

8. Dimensional portal management - opens, closes portal.  Ability to create bi directional or uni directional portals, ability to establish filter field which determines what or who are allowed to go and in what direction.

9. Magick enhancement of rituals and relics in the area

The advanced level goes a bit further: 

1. Living spirits in each bead.

2. Replication and direct permanent attunement of user to desired magickal effects.

3. Construct creator

4. Convergence Nexus - links to all other relics in user’s possession so all effects are in the Mala.

5. Time bending effect efficiency ability.

And finally, the Master level, made with the highest quality materials possible:

1. Empowered with many Javanese Empowerments

2. Empowered with many Tibetan Empowerments

3. Channel to the gods and spirits at will

4. Path of apotheosis: working with this mala with the goal of apotheosis to a spirit will connect the both of you together and push you towards transfiguration

5. Psychic ability and spirit activity booster.

All Master Level mala purchases will also receive the Wizard Mala Attunement free! See the attunement here:
What level of Mala would you like?

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