The Way of the Phurba Initiation

The Phurba is the ritual dagger used by all Tibetan Shamans for healing, Blessings, and to destroy demons. It can also be used to work with the weather, to help transport you through the spirit world, and to empower food and water. This initiation connects you to the Spirit of the Phurba, and implants a crystalline Phurba in each of your chakras for you to use in your shamanic practice.
A copy of "The Way of the Phurba" is provided to each student of this course, and this manual is the only English source explaining the entire Phurba ritual, and giving pictures of the entire process so that you can learn to do the ritual for yourself. A recording of the Phurba Mantra is also provided for you.
A Phurba ritual is done on your behalf when the Initiation is prepared for you that helps to remove all obstacles from your spiritual path over which you have no control, and which sends healing and Blessing energies your way to help prepare you to receive the Initiation and Empowerment.

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