The Ultimate Spirit Relic

The Ultimate Spirit Relic

Inspired by a recent commission, I bring to you the pinnacle in spirit working relics! The crux of this talisman is the overlay of the three primary enchantments: The Construct Creator, the Spirit Summoner, and the Spirit Master. Each of these intricate enchantments is held in balance within the talisman by a servitor created to manage the magick. This servitor is perfectly loyal, and is able to learn and adapt and grow through use. The construct within will also act intuitively to defend itself and its keeper, while also working to complete its primary purpose: managing the primary enchantments. 

The construct creator enchantment draws from the power supply of the relic itself to generate constructs on command that work together to carry out the tasks given to it. The spirit summoner enchantment opens a gateway to a dimension of minor spirits that exist to serve. A variety of spirits dwell here, so there is most assuredly a spirit team that can handle your request. And the crown jewel is the Spirit Master, a powerful enchantment from the heart of the Hungarian forest that makes all spirits subservient to the one who holds the relic. This is a potent ability, not to be used lightly. 

The servitor will manage all of these, so that all you as the keeper needs to do is to tell it what needs to be accomplished and how it should be done. The servitor will also manage the pocket realm that is attached to this relic, allowing the keeper to visit it there, or the spirits being conjured. This pocket dimension can also act as a storage unit for other enchantments that may be found, as the Servitor is able to replicate and absorb other enchantments as they are encountered and add them to the power of the relic. Oh, and the servitor is also able to summon specific spirits on behalf of the keeper. 

This relic never needs to be recharged due to the creation process, but if the keeper wishes to imbue it with a particular energy, it may be charged with this power or the servitor may be sent to retrieve this energy to empower the relic with. 

A big concern over mystical relics like this is being lost or stolen. But this particular relic features charms against theft, loss, and magickal tracing, as well as remote viewing, so other magicians cannot spy on you while this relic is in your possession. However, should you wish for another to view you, the relic also comes with a satchel to contain its power, so that while the relic is inside, its enchantments won't affect you. You may also do this if the relic is too powerful and causes you disturbance, although it is woven with a charm that prevents its energy from being too overbearing. Otherwise, it might keep you awake for days!

Another of the charms on this piece is the Oneiromancy charm. A spirit communication enchantment on this piece amplifies communication in general, but to add to that, I wove an Oneiromancy charm to boost dream communication. And I also added a spiritual activity booster to amplify all spirit activity around you.

Finally, this relic has a divination amplification charm, increasing the ability of the keeper to sense the future through tools, oracles, or intuition. And, this relic allows the keeper to open spiritual portals at will.

Oh, and on the off chance that you run into a being that wont leave you alone, I have added in a special prison inside a time loop, so that you can capture unruly beings until they can calm down and be sent on their way. 

All in all, this is a powerhouse set of enchantments.

© 2020 by Papa Hood Sorcery