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The Total Subtle Body Special Service

I had planned to save this one, but we couldnt wait... For the first time ever, a combination service performed by myself and the future Mrs. Hood! This potent service is a complete energy body service. We begin by scanning your subtle body for any and all blockages and make a note of these. Using a combination of healing techniques, we then remove these blockages and strengthen the chakras and meridians. And not just the 7 everyone knows about, we cover all 365 chakras in this service. Once this is done, a special psychic upgrade is given to improve your psychic senses. Following this, we then work together to build up a diamond body around you to protect you from harm and increase your ability to generate, draw, channel, and sense energy. We then run a full scan to determine any hidden abilities and spiritual ancestors, which we bring to the surface through an awakening ritual. Due to the intense amount of energy this takes, we will only be offering ten of these services, so reserve your slot today!