The Naga Guardian Trishula Empowerment

The relic pictured above is a personal favorite of mine. It is a very special Trishul dagger which, instead of having three tines, has a single blade flanked by a pair of powerful Naga. If you look deeper than the surface, you can see something else: From the tip to the pommel is a single column of energy, drawing from the upper and lower realms to unite their flow in the center of the dagger, what you might say would be its chakra. When holding this dagger or attuned to this energy, this chakra becomes united to you, making you the center of this column of energy. Additionally, the Naga that curl up around the sides are there specifically to protect this flow, as well as you directly. Anything that rises against you will be consumed by these Naga Guardians. And, by spinning the Trishul or by creating a circle with the Trishula Mudra, you can call even more Naga through to this world in the case of serious trouble. So as you can see, this protection is indeed potent. And, as an added bonus, by being immersed in the stream of energy that forms the center of this blade, your psychic senses will be opened, your chakras will be balanced, and you will find your subtle body becoming stronger.

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