Spiritual Court Reading

We all have a spiritual court that walks with us through life. Some of these spirits have been with us since birth, some our ancestral, and some have joined us due to our life choices. But many times we do not know who walks with us. This reading will help you determine these spirits. 

First, recognize that there are two types of readings that we can do with this style. The first is to determine if a specific spirit walks with you. This reading is easier to do, as we only have to feed your ancestors, the spirit in question, and our own court before we contact the spirit through possession, channeling, or oracles and determine if the spirit walks with you or if it wants to. 

The second type of reading is more general, to determine all the spirits in your court and their natures. This reading takes much longer and is much more complex. We will be finding and feeding each of these spirits in addition to our own and your ancestors. We will send you a full report of the spirits in your court and any messages they have for you. We may not be able to find every spirit in your court, but you will receive information on at least 7 different spirits, probably more. During the feeding, they will become more active and you may experience things like dizziness, euphoria, voices, or other signs of spiritual activity during the process.

After you've placed your order, you will be contacted for information. Please be ready to supply us with the following information:

Your birth name
Your current name if different
Your date of birth
Your place of birth
A recent photo of yourself 
A photo of your signature written with your intention to discover your spiritual court firmly in your mind

It is also preferable for you to supply us with a list of your ancestors going back to at least your great grandparents. If you dont know these, that is fine, just provide what you can. Additionally, if there are other ancestors you want us to feed, or ancestors for us to specifically avoid feeding, please let us know.

Also please be aware that this listing is not for discovering unbound spirits or spirit companions. The spiritual court is of a higher caliber. If you are curious about the difference, feel free to contact us and ask. 
What type of reading are we doing?

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