Spirit Companion Conjuration

Spirit Companion Conjuration


So you're looking for a spirit companion to be a guide, aid, and friend on your Spiritual path? Look no further! From angels and demons to Lwa and fae, I have studied the spirit world and learned some of the most efficient methods for drawing your personal spirit companions to you. Just let me know what sort of companion you're looking for, and if you aren't sure, let's chat about it and I'll help you find out!


I offer 5 Grades of spirit conjuration here, which are as follows:


Grade 1: These beings come on their own, as singular beings. Their abilities are limited to a close range. They can travel as far as necessary, but they have difficulty communicating over long distances. Often manifest as orbs, and light physical sensations, can visit dreams with a bonded keeper. Price: $25

Grade 2: Grade 2 beings often come on their own, though they also sometimes have friends on their home planes that they can contact. They have stronger communication skills, and can affect the physical world in small ways, when their energy is built up enough. Price: $50

Grade 3: These beings have allies that are conjured with them. You may not know them immediately, but they may choose to introduce themselves to you in the future. They prefer dream visitation, but also can cause physical sensation, and manipulate the world around them. No matter how far they travel, they can communicate with their keeper. Price: $100

Grade 4: These beings begin to slip into the realm of extraordinary. They come alone, but with the power to open their own portals to call other beings through. They are limited only to their own plane of existence. So for instance, a Dragon can only conjure other Dragons. Price: $200

Grade 5:The pinnacle of my conjuration abilities, these beings travel any distance, communicate across any distance, enter dreams and meditations, manifest as orbs and physical sensations, and can move physical objects. They can also open portals to any plane they are aware of due to the level of training they are put through and the power put into their conjuration. Price: $300

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