Servitor Upgrades

Servitor Upgrades

Want to give your servitor a boost? Maybe hook it up with some new abilities? Then it's time for an upgrade! Check back soon and often, as the list of upgrades is constantly growing. All currently available upgrades and their prices are listed below:

Drisana levels 1-3: The Drisana system is one of the largest and most complex systems to date. For a full list of benefits, please contact me. But suffice to say, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. $100

Ishana Vajra Nath Complete System: A powerful system of manifestation and one of my favorites, the Ishana system helps makes thoughts a reality. This upgrade takes your servitor from Ishana to Ishana Vajra Shiva, giving it the full power of Ishana! $85

Servitor Battle Armor: Maybe your servitor likes to get into fights, or even likes to scrap with you to train. Why not get some armor to give it that extra kick? Armor is completely customizable, just let me know what you would like! $20

Reiki levels 1-3: Perhaps the most popular healing method in the world, Reiki is also the most versatile and well known attunement based energy system. $20

Candali levels 1-4: A powerful healing system linked to Kundalini, this energy is a perfect pair for Reiki, balancing external and internal energies. $45

Third eye Upgrade: A simple upgrade to give your servitor enhanced psychic abilities and promote easier communication. $15

Way of the Phurba Initiation: Grant the power of the Phurba to your servitor! This initiation allows your servitor to use the power of the phurba, enabling them to banish outside spirits and destroy negative beings and energies with ease. $50

The Full Upgrade Package: Get all of the above listed upgrades for a big discount, a savings of $110! $225

Upgrade from Basic to Master: $50

Upgrade from Advanced to Master: $25

Please note: These are meant for servitors from my shop. If you have a servitor from somewhere else you would like to upgrade, please contact me first so that we may see if it can be done. Additionally, only Master Servitors may receive these upgrades. You may upgrade your basic or advanced level servitor to a Master here as well.
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