Seichim- Healing and Balancing

Heal with the power of the earth, the rainbow light of Seichim! Seichim is a powerful and beautiful healing energy and is channelled in the same way as reiki or many other healing modalities. It may be used alone or to compliment reiki treatments or in conjunction with other complementary therapies. Seichim is uncomplicated and requires no beliefs, when you are attuned to seichim you may simply use it to give healing to others or yourself. When you channel seichim you may feel a difference between this and the traditional Usui reiki you have been used to. Where reiki is the great, white, divine light, seichim may be understood as the rainbow, both energy systems come from the same place but feel different. Seichim is an Ancient Egyptian Healing often incorporated with Reiki. Seichim is the feminine healing energy and Reiki tends to be more masculine. 

Prerequisites: You must be a reiki master before taking this power. This listing is for both practitioner and master level of seichim.

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