Quimbanda Ritual

Quimbanda Ritual

Turn the awesome power of Exu and Pombagira to your advantage! These powerful spirits of fire and passion are quick, strong, and most importantly, more than happy to help those of us who are still in the flesh. Purchasing this ritual will get these spirits working for your benefit rapidly. Once the ritual is purchased, we will discuss details via email and your ritual will be scheduled. Due to the strict nature of these spirits, rituals can sometimes take up to a week or two to begin and can take a few days of offerings before they are considered complete. If there will be any major delay due to acquiring rare ingredients or making specific offerings, you will be notified as quickly as possible. The ritual will be conducted on the proper day and with the proper spirit, offerings of blood, tobacco, liquor, fruit, candies, and whatever else is necessary will be made both to my spirits and to yours, and requests will be laid bare. 


Road Opening- the most general ritual that can be done here, this ritual removes obstacles and opens avenues for manifestation of your goals.

Love- Pombagira is a queen of love magick. She is particularly inclined to helping women, but will work for men too, with the proper offerings.

Destruction of Enemies- feed your enemies to Exu and let their blood feed his altar. Need we say more?

Healing- Masters of the herbal kingdoms, the Exu and Pombagira know remedies to all things. They can assist with any healing process necessary.

Money- With bottomless pockets, the doors to wealth and financial stability can be opened by these spirits.

Power- Through the use of spiritual pacts and intermediaries, Exu and Pombagira can forge powerful alliances for you to achieve success.

Upon purchase, you will be contacted to discuss your ritual. Please have these things ready when the time comes:

Your full name and date of birth
A recent photo of yourself
A photo of your signature, signed while firmly focusing on your intent
The names of your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents if at all possible
For each ancestor named, their dates of birth and death if possible and applicable 
What type of ritual is this?

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