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Protection Bottle Unique Relic

These protection and reversal bottles were forged from the remains of a spell I cast myself. A friend's house had burned to the ground, a result of a curse that had hit her hard. I gathered up this Ash and mixed it with herbs such as sage, white oak, garlic, and copal, as well as holy water and uncrossing oil, and then I consecrated and blessed it and used it to reverse the curse, sending it back tenfold on the one who sent it. My friend's life was back on track and her enemy was running like a beaten dog. So I decided, rather than let this power go to waste, I'd use it for my inaugural relic. Each of these vials contains a bit of this mixture, and has been consecrated in an Alchemical ritual to amplify it's protective power. Carry this bottle or set it up on a mantle or altar, and allow it's power to safeguard you from harm. But hurry and get yours, as there is a very limited supply of these bottles in existence.