Power of the Khatvanga Empowerment

The Khatvanga is a very potent and powerful ritual tool that is used by Shamans in Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia. Some are made from copper, and some are made from meteoric iron. In this course you will receive attunements to both a copper trishul khatvanga and a meteoric iron skull khatvanga.

This energy, or the tools themselves, may be used to direct energy like a laser beam to its target, open your third eye to gain answers to hidden questions, align chakras, open gateways, and much more. Please dont hesitate to contact me with any questions you have.

The uses of both tools will be demonstrated, and a way for you to transmit that energy through you will also be taught. Please note: this is an attunement to the energy of the Khatvangas, not a set of Khatvangas. Should you wish to acquire a physical Khatvanga to assist in your work, please send me a contact form message and I will help you.

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