PHS Custom Ritual Kits

Finally, ritual kits have arrived! At the moment, I only offer custom made ritual kits. However, as I make more and develop more general templates, specific kits will become available to provide an easier shopping experience. 

Each ritual kit is completely hand made, down to the instructions being written by hand, and they are custom designed from the ground up to be unique solutions to your problems. Each kit contains specific items to fit the purpose, but will include at minimum the following: 1-4 preloaded ritual tea light candles that have been made with appropriate herbs, oils, and powders, 1 sigil scroll containing the graphic representation of the energetic pattern to be charged during the ritual, 1 key mantra scroll to activate the patterned energy and give it a target, and 1 instruction scroll to guide you through the process. As an added bonus, each box is decorated by my daughter, so the more you buy, the bigger her confidence. 

Here are some ideas for kits to get you started, based on my beta test kits and things I've done like this before: Cursing kit, spirit communication, spirit summoning, self empowerment, road opening, psionic awakening, relic consecration, relic nexus, apotheosis, love, seduction, domination, financial blessing, spiritual alignment, power raising. Also available, special sabbat and esbat kits.

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