Pangirupan Jagad Kamulyan

Pangirupan Jagad Kamulyan

This is an ancient Javanese magickal power that has been kept secret by the Javanese Spiritual Masters.

This term was passed down to an Adept in kejawen during an intense ritual and fasting which lasted for over 7 months including the discipline of avoiding certain foods for 2 years.

It is now available to you, ONLY by an initiation, without hard fasting and hard training. 

The term will help one to evoke on blessing and wealth and also helps one to improve their life by deflecting bad luck and attracting prosperity in all aspect of your life. 

This initiation will change your auric field and its frequency will activiate your chakras, all your negative energies will be cleansed and your bad luck will be washed away.

Simple mantra is used and required to request anything you desire as long as it does not harm any sentient being.

The virtues of this term are presented below:

 • Enhance and Enliven your auric field 

• Attract luck and positive energies 

• Rebalance and improve chakra balancing

 • Cleanse and dissipate bad luck and negative energies

• Solve problems and complicated situations with ease

 • Attract wealth and prosperity

 • Find ease in debt collection

 • Ability to cure minor diseases 

• Become wealthy and rich but be able to maintain modesty and dignity

 • Pay back debts with ease

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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