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Orgonite Charging Pad

These orgonite charging pads are between 4 and 6 inches across, and contain crushed quartz, gold coil, and copper powder. This blend creates the orgone effect, absorbing negative energy, purifying it, and releasing it back to its environment. These pads can be used for this purpose on it's own, but it also doubles as a way to charge up magickal objects, and imbue life energy onto mundane objects that are placed on it. Useful for powering up objects to give a boost throughout the day, as well as keeping relics and talismans fully charged. These pads also can serve as a focusing lense, gathering and directing orgone energy straight out. So if you dont wish to use them as charging pads, you can mount them on walls aimed at doors and windows to continuously blast them with positive energy and drive out negativity. Combine with other orgonite items to increase their effects, as they bounce off of one another and amplify their collective power. 

Note, shape may vary from picture based on mold availability.