Necromancy Ritual Cloth

Work your magick on the same array that I use! This array is specifically formulated for work with the Saturnian Necromancy current, but will work well for all forms of dark magick. Before being sent to you, the cloth is ritually activated through the use of the Necromancy mantra taught to my students, and is consecrated by being used in a ritual to conjure my personal shades from beyond the grave. Finally, the cloth rests for 3 days and three nights wrapped around my skull to fully charge it. Comes with 5 preloaded saturnian necromancy tea lights for your first ritual (10 with the combo set). Available in large and small sizes! Small size is 49.5 cm square (19.5 inches) and large is 140 cm square (55 inches).

Please allow up to a month for creation time and shipping.
What size would you like?

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