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Kali Naga Ritual Service

Tracing a lineage back 100,000 years, the Kapalika Aghora line of Kali Naga Shamans and Sorcerers are an elite bunch.  Through intense training that spans years, and even lifetimes through certain transmissions, ours is an intense and difficult path. But the rewards are well worth it: spiritual initiations and alliances that overpower all obstacles, secret recipes and rituals handed down from master to apprentice, and the secrets of ancient ritual tools revealed. And finally, my mentor has authorized me to share my skills with you in the oldest form of Shamanic service. This is more than a ritual, this service entitles you first to a half hour consultation and reading with me to determine the nature of your situation. Then, upon conclusion of our consultation, I perform a journeying meditation to determine what is lying beneath the surface and gain guidance from the spirits. Then, we will discuss the direction we will take. Finally, I perform the ritual, and I provide you with any messages the gods have for you in the process. And as always, I provide support for my clients if results dont manifest in as satisfactory a manner as they would wish.Reserve your spot today!