Ishana Vajra Nath 1 (Ishana Levels1-6)

Ishana Vajra Nath means Rays of God that govern the universe. This is the power of thought manifestation. There are six levels in Ishana. At each level, the energy of Ishana Vajra Nath in the Crown Chakra will be activated and become stronger at every level. In addition to receiving the activation process, you will also find the Ishana meditation. Despite the fact that Ishana Vajra Nath does not require an exercise, meditation is something important and useful, especially as treatments of your soul and mind. There were no different procedures in granting activation and meditation for 1st to 6th levels of Ishana, which are only distinguished by the level of acceptance of activation. The strength of energy in an Ishana who has the six levels will be much stronger and bigger and emits the energy within a larger radius than the first level of an Ishana.

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