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Human Skull Kapala

In Tibetan Buddhism the kapala or thod-pa (both meaning“skull cup”) is a highly decorated cup or bowl made from a human skull for ritual use, and represents the symbolic destruction of evil entities. The cup is used to hold offerings of bread or wine, symbolizing blood and flesh, to “wrathful” deities.The kapala, like many implements of Tibetan Buddhism, may be a carryover from ancient practices of human sacrifice. When creating a kapala, a skull is specially collected, prepared, and elaborately anointed and consecrated before use. Many are decorated with carvings, jewels, or silverwork. The kapala is one of several “charnel ground” implements made from human bone.

You may wish to have a plain kapala, as is my preference, or you may have your kapala decorated with carvings, jewels, and designs, based on either a concept (Naga, Norse, Celtic, etc) or to the guidance of the goddess Mahakali based upon your energy, similar to the process involved in receiving a Sak Yant. Please be sure to fill out the appropriate details below.

My preparation process involves dying the inside red in the traditional manner, then dressing with appropriate oils and powders before being consecrated under the New Moon for a full lunar cycle. Not to mention, of course, any extra time for decorating.

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Would you like a plain or decorated kapala?