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Human Skull Custom Relic

The Human Skull is a cornerstone of true necromantic practice. Unfortunately, they are not exactly common items, but the gods have provided me with ample avenues to supply you with these wondrous and dreadful items. The chief purposes of the skulls I offer are to align ones soul with the death current, to house the most powerful and dangerous of necromantic demons, shades, and spirits, to assist in the dark transfiguration of ones soul into the fearsome Lich, and to form a gateway between this world and the next. However, these skulls can be made for a number of purposes by request. 

All human bone relics are eligible for layaway, just ask me how. 

CHECK YOUR LOCAL LAWS BEFORE ORDERING! It is illegal to ship human remains into and out of Georgia, New York, and Louisiana, as well as Australia, China, and India. If you are unsure, ask me, and I will help you find out. If you need to make alternative arrangements in one of these states, let me know. 
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