Gtummo Vajra Weapon

Gtummo Vajra Weapon




If you are not a Vajra Master of Gtummo, let me know and I will guide you in what steps to take.


The Vajra Master Weapons, or Astras, are powerful etheric tools for defeating evil and protecting what is good. There are several of these, I offer twenty two of them. The weapons and their descriptions are below, just select which weapon you would like from the list below. If you would like more than one, please let me know and I'll prepare a package price for you. Please note, these are etheric tools, so no shipping is required.

  • The Astras I Offer

    Agneyastra- Agneyastra Vajra Weapon is extremely effective to burn and destroy any forms of dark-forces, negative entities, negative spirits, demons, black magick, dark spells and curses. You can also use this to clear and purify a place, environment, and situations. It works well for a distance, even if the target is hundreds of miles away. Agneyastra Vajra Weapon breaks and destroys supernatural or magickal shielding of your enemies, especially black magick shield. There is no Black Magick Shield can survive from these weapon.


    Agni Chakra- Agni Chakra Vajra Weapon has a high ability to remove and destroy