Gtummo or Candali - Healing, Power, and Protection

Gtummo or Candali - Healing, Power, and Protection

Gtummo or Heat Yoga is developed from the vedic Candali; a form of Kundalini Yoga. This system is powerful for healing, increasing power, and protection. It's name cames from Tibet where it is used to cure serious medical conditions as well as an extremely powerful occult empowerment. Working along with the Hindu Goddesses Kali and Baglamukhi it is a powerful system which has uses in influence, destruction, protection, wish fulfillment, and healing. Each stage needs at least a week of practice before moving on. This system provides all the power of Kundalini without the dangers to the self. This is one of our highest recommended attunements.
  • Gtummo Levels

    Level 1

    The first Tan Tieng Center located below the navel awakens and the sacred fire rises and is circulated. This level grants access to the Baglamukhi Body protector.

    Level 2

    The secon Tan Tieng Center located at the heart awakens and the power increases by 100X. The Mahakali Shield is gained at this level and provides an incredible increase in protection.

    Level 3

    The third Tan Tieng located at the third eye awakens at this level as all Chakras and Nadirs are cleared and the power increases in this stage at 1000X.

    Level 4

    The Vajra Master Level is at level 4. At this level Initiation is completed and the power increases by 10,000X

    Level 5

    The White Mahakala Level is obtained at level 5. This level was created to enhance wealth as well as provide protection to it. The purpose of White Mahakala is to ensure all your material needs are easily met and remove worries that might take you away from your spiritual path. This is a powerful force that makes manifestation and abundance easy.

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