Goetia Demon Ritual

Goetia Demon Ritual

Back by Popular Demand- my Goetia Ritual Service! Whether you want to seek demonic assistance in destroying a rival, gaining a lover, learning secret knowledge, or more, let me conjure one of the demons of the Lesser Key of Solomon for you. These powerful, primal forces are capable of a multitude of tasks, and you have but to ask. 

Here are my no go zones: Lover Return rituals- they never really go the way you want them. I will help you with a proper love spell, but that is about it. 

Targeted love spells- again, they never go as planned. If you want someone specific, I'm not your guy. 

Pact work- sorry folks, I dont make pacts, on the simple grounds that folks dont do their end, and then they blame me for not doing their part, and it makes my life simpler to not have to deal with that. 

If your request is outside of these things, then let's make some magick!