Etheric Space Clearing Sequence

Etheric Space Clearing Sequence


This powerful sequence is meant to help you raise your vibration and reach a higher level of being. There are four stages in all, each working to cleanse a different aspect of built up negative energy that could be on you. I couldn't possibly lay out all of the benefits to having this potent system, but I'll lay out some of the benefits of each level.


Level 1, Etheric Clearing: This level helps to release things like anger, dissatisfaction, anxiety, and so on, and can be used to remove this energy from people, places, items, and so on. It can remove soul ties and cords that are unhealthy, and can even be sent through time to clear energy in the past and future. And once it clears out negative energy, it replaces it with positive energy and seals it against further damage.


Level 2, Entity Removal: This level is a potent method for removal of any negative entities that might be latched onto you, your family, your home, your pets, etc. Using this sequence will release you from the influence of these beings and seal against their return so that you can focus on your own ascension.


Level 3, Implant Removal: The Implant Removal sequence is useful for removing any energetic implants given by negative entities. Symptoms of such implants include headaches, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, and nose bleeds, all for no apparent reason. This sequence defuses, deconstructes, and removes these implants, empowering you with positive energy to ensure that they do not reform.


Level 4, Master Space Clearing: This system takes everything the previous levels have started and multiplies it, and builds it even higher, removing any divine blockages and opening you up to communion directly with the spirit world. This level cleanses every layer of your being to work towards your purest good.


Please note, each level must be taken sequentially, but if you purchase all 4 at once, you do receive a discount.

What level are you getting today?

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