Emergency Fee Surcharge

At Papa Hood Sorcery, we handle orders, and magick in general, in a specific way. The queue is: Family and Friends, Students, Retainer Clients, Regular Clients. Further subdivided, this queue is as such: Correspondence, Training Documents, Attunements, Readings, Rituals, Spiritual Companions, and finally  Products. However, every so often, you need to jump to the front of the line or have your work done immediately. This simply isn't fair to everyone else, or to us, so we have introduced a way around this. Should you wish to advance your order to top priority, add this emergency fee into your order. We will contact you directly with any pertinent questions or information and get right to work. Please note, emergency fee orders still do not take priority over things such as holidays, vacations, family emergencies, and the like. If you happen to place an order during an event like this, we will be in touch as soon as possible to get your order completed. 

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