DNA Activation System

DNA Activation System

Get the most out of your body by activating the extra strands of shadow DNA contained in your body! This potent system, when taken to the max, activates your full potential for healing, psychic ability, and more. 

Level 1, the 12 strand activation which brings to light 10 strands of shadow DNA to fully advance your physical and spiritual existence, is known to bring these benefits:

Heightened Awareness
Heightened Intuition, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
Strengthened Immune System
Regeneration of dis-eased Cells
Physical Body Detoxification
More Energy – Look/Feel Younger
Clearing of Genetic and Karmic Patterns
Higher Connection to the Divine
Receipt of Your Spiritual Birthright Gifts
Better Health
Greater Connection to Spirit Guides, Angelic Realm and other Dimensions

Level 2, the 24 stand activation, opens up even more channels and brings these benefits:

Abundance & Prosperity
Release of Unconscious Genetic & Karmic Patterns
Physical Body Embraces More Vitality
Unconditional Self-Love
Hidden Talents & Abilities Surface
Heightened Creativity – Improved Memory
More Improvements to Health – Toxin Discharge
Sense of Peace and Oneness To All That Is
Your Immune System is Further Strengthened
Additional Cell Regeneration
More Clarity, Focus & Increased Brain Capacity
Greater Love for Others & Better Relationships
Understanding and Fulfillment of your Life Purpose
Synchronicity & Signs Come To You

The final activation, the 36 strand activation, activates all of these channels, and brings these benefits:

Loving and more compassionate relationships
Accelerated growth and development
Awakening to your true spiritual destiny
Stronger Immune System
Lucid dreaming
Accelerated manifestation
Accelerated healing, detoxification & purification
New creativity and talents surfacing
Expanded memory
Increased brain capacity

These levels must be taken sequentially, with seven days between each initiation.