Divine Puja Service

I have finally been allowed to offer divine puja again! Here's how this works: every Tuesday, as well as every new moon, I offer a general puja to Mahakali, as my teacher taught me to. This service is to cleanse negativity, release old pain, and promote healing, blessing, prosperity, and happiness in my life, as well as the lives of my students and clients. If you wish to be a part of this and receive these benefits, purchase this listing, and provide me with your name and date of birth, as well as any specific requests. If you have no specific request, the puja will be for your general benefit. You will be added into the next puja, where you will be specifically named to the goddess, or else be requested to be blessed. Then your name, which will be written on Joss paper, will be burned as an offering to the divine for your requests. To be included again, make another purchase of this listing and you will be added to the next service.

Now, I'm sure you've noticed this listing is only a dollar. If you wish, if you feel that the blessing provided is worth more than that, you only have to add as many of these into your cart as you wish. But if you only wish to purchase one, that is alright too. The goddess will provide. 

Another option for this, since the Puja has much more potential than just general blessing, is to contact me about a specific puja for you. These pujas have been done to generate health, wealth, and power, to protect from mundane and spiritual enemies, to repel gangs, corrupt law enforcement, and unwanted interferences, to heal incurable diseases, return lost lovers, and kill enemies. Puja opens the door for all of this, and if this is your goal, contact me and we will discover the right puja for you. These specific and powerful pujas may cost more for a base fee, but they will be worth it. 

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