A divination can look into simple matters, or complex matters. Whatever you are seeking, come to me, and let me help you. My reading relies on using one of my methods, which I will choose based upon your question unless you have a preference. The methods I draw from for these readings are Tarot cards, Oracle cards, the Sangoma Bones, the Vodou Bones, Necromantic Divination, Spirit consultation, and the Runes. For more information, see below. Additionally, you should know that this reading is done by correspondence only, and will require at least 3-5 days to complete. If you want a live reading, you will want my live reading service.

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    Oracle Cards: Oracle cards come in all shapes and sizes, but they are very similar to Tarot cards. Instead of being sequential and relying on the Rider Waite system, however, these cards are usually based on different systems, and use the images therein to give insight. My favorite deck for this is called Earth Magick, and relies on very shamanic imagery to give its advice.

    Tarot: Tarot is a good classic, relying on elemental and hermetic imagery to relay its messages. I think these are well known enough that I don't have to give too much detail.


    Sangoma Bones: The Bones of Hoodoo are not all bones, but in fact a collection of bones, shells, trinkets, and such that have divinatory meanings. By throwing the bones, my spirits and ancestors can transmit their meanings to me through the bones and the way they fall. These readings are interpreted by the items in particular, their location, and their surroundings. 


    Vodou Bones: The bones blessed through the power of Papa Legba. By rolling these bones, I can see obstacles past and present, good and ill, and I can tell you exactly where the influence of the spirits fall. This is by far one of my most potent forms of divination.


    Necromantic Divination: I use a Hungarian style of Necromancy to call forth beings from the netherworld to speak through my skulls and give me advice. In addition, I also use blood magick to commune with these beings, and channel them through my altar for insight.


    Spirit Consultation: This reading style is similar to mediumship. I call down your spirits and mine, communing with our ancestors and collective guardians, and gain insight and messages based on what they tell me, which I then relay to you.


    Runes: These, like the tarot, are very well known tool, and dont warrant extra information. But these readings are usually very straightforward and to the point.

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