Custom Created Servitor

Custom Created Servitor

Don't see a servitor template you like? I'll happily build one for you! Just let me know what sort of creation you would like and what level, and I'll fire up the laboratory and go to work. 

My servitors use a different grading system than my conjures, as I have a great deal more control over this process. Therefore, there are only three levels to servitors: Basic, Advanced, and Master.

Basic level servitors handle simple tasks, have a limited energetic footprint, and can be taught with time and patience. But they are no less intelligent than any other being, they simply have less available energy and thus, less abilities. Over time, they can learn and grow, but in the beginning, these are fairly single minded creatures. Best for new servitor keepers, and those who want the experience of "raising" creature from "infancy" to "adulthood", as it were.

Advanced servitors are much more capable and appeal to a wider audience. These beings can handle more complex tasks, as well as learn more, and quicker. These sorts of servitors are on par with one of my grade 2-3 conjures in terms of ability, and they are also able to be made to replicate upon request. Due to the complexity of their nature, these servitors are extremely versatile in what can be created and taught to them.

Master level servitors are easily able to measure up to a grade 5 conjure, and have a wide array of abilities to boot. They have an elemental central energy system and have been built with several empowerments to further raise their power. Fully sentient beings in their own right, these are for the more experienced keepers out there. Master servitors may also be made to easily replicate upon request.

Examples of what I have built before include: Pennywise, my personal favorite; Myrseot, a guardian construct for a coven that is still active and potent; the Shadow, a creature of living darkness; and the Storyteller, a being able to create fantastic visions for its keeper by weaving a story into their mind.
What level of Servitor would you like?
Direct binding or vessel?

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