Ishana Vajra Nath 2 (Ishana Vajra)

Ishana Vajra Nath means Rays of God that govern the universe. This is the power of thought manifestation. Ishana Vajra has one level, hence, the energy will be activated and channeled into Visuddha Chakra, with the flow of Ishana Vajra Nath energy to the Visuddha Chakra located on top Anahata Chakra, an Ishana Vajra will have more ability to influence others. This has made the Ishana Vajra have the ability in manifesting all of the things many times stronger than an Ishana. An Ishana Vajra has the right to grant activation for 1st to 6th level of Ishana. The activation can be done at least 21 days after 6th level of Ishana.

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