Celestial Encoding Sequence 1-9

The Celestial Encoding Sequence is a very special set of attunements, originally created by the Mayastar Academy. The Celestial Encodings differ a bit from my other attunements in that, instead of passing a particular energy vibration into your subtle body, I place an etheric crystal in your soul, allowing you to access that particular crystal's vibrational abilities. Included in this Sequence are the following crystals:
Turquoise: Creativity
Diamond: Divinity
Amber: Healing
Rose Quartz: Love
Amethyst: Peace
Smoky Quartz: Protection
Lapis Lazuli: Psychic Enhancement
Diamond: Serenity
Citrine: Abundance

Diamond is mentioned twice? Yes, it is a different vibration of diamond. In any event... With this package, you get all nine of these Encodings, their manuals, and constant support from me in their use and understanding.

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