Asmak Khodam: Gain a powerful Spiritual Helper!

Asmak Khodam: Gain a powerful Spiritual Helper!

Asmak Khodam (pronounced Khadam, not Khodam) is the Javanese practice of connecting to and working with a special angelic helper spirit known as a Khodam. Khodam do not interfere with your decisions or free will, nor do they demand offerings for their service. Khodams have many gifts, including constant protection and reflection of psychic attack, and even protection against blades. The caveat is that Khodams are inherently good, and thus they will not attack someone for no reason, nor will they do anything that is evil. They will, however, help their human comrade grow spiritually.

Virtues of Asmak Khodam:

1) Invulnerability against physical blows.
2) Invulnerability to sharp weapons.
3) Invulnerability against black magick.
4) Ability to defeat your enemy, making them weak.
5) Ability to neutralize poison
6) Subduing negative intent in others.
7) Ability to heal.
8) Awakening someone who is unconscious.

At the first level of Asmak Khodam, you are granted a powerful Khodam helper to protect and help you. At the second level, your Khodam is upgraded to a much stronger level, with many more attributes including the ability to imbue vessels with Khodam for a period of 40 days. At the Third level you are given the power to pass the science of Asmak Khodam to others.

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