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Papa Hood Mystic Works offers a variety of items and services that will assist you in your goals. From talismans and powders to psychic services and attunements, if there is a mystical solution, we have it!
Papa Hood De Umbra
Sorcerer & Tibetan Shaman

A studied mystic of 11 years, Papa Hood has studied many paths, from Vodou to Druidry, from Demonology to Qabbalah. He has devoted much of his life to mastering arcane secrets from as many cultures as he could, but his true passion, his path, is devotion to Mahakali, the Dark Mother, through her way of Aghora, as well as to the Morrigan on the Path of Druidry. And by combining these paths, and his others, he is able to work powerful forms of magick. His personal favorite kinds of work involve either oils and powders or energetic attunements, as each of them require such a personal touch that he knows they bear his mark.



He has handled a myriad of cases in his career, ranging from calling forth true love or separating couples, to healing chronic pain and sleep cases. In his pursuit of handling such cases, he has searched the world over to gain the truest knowledge, best tools, and the most potent teachings possible. When he steps to the altar to work, he carries with him centuries of knowledge and skill to apply to your case. His life purpose is to make the world a better place with the gifts he is given, and he will gladly work with you on anything you need help with. He also is understanding of financial difficulty, and will make arrangements if necessary for payment of services.


"Very pleased with the service from this very experienced practitioner. His offerings are a good value and I intend to shop here again." -Annabelle Weaver


"Papa Hood is a kind and enlightened soul, a real pleasure to work with!" -Jaclyn Smith


"Excellent experience! Papa Hood really puts a lot of energy to his work and patient to answer all my questions. Highly recommended!" -Khang Nguyen


“PapaHood Sorcery is now on my short list of shops that I truly trust. These people care about their clients and go out of the way to make sure that all your questions are answered and everything is in order. I got a tarot card reading the Ishana attunement-- the tarot card reading was long, detailed, and accurate. The Ishana was a huge help in my path, too-- I've been noticing a lot of small changes that will hopefully lead up to bigger in my path.Thank you so much! “

“I just received an amazing reading and couldn't be more satisfied!! I recommend Papa Hood to anyone!!! “

"Papa Hood is one of the best legitimate sorcerers. Everything I've bought and learned from him has helped me a great deal. I recommend you give his site a chance, you won't regret it. He offers things you will have a hard time finding anywhere else." -Glen H.


"The power I possess was given to me, not for selfish gain, but for the betterment of the world. I have made it my goal to do this in the best way possible, and here you see it. So come, let me help you make your world better."

Papa Hood, Sorcerer & Tibetan Shaman

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